On the 22nd of august it was time for the yearly IEEE Xtreme. At 2:00 in the night the contestants slowly poured in. Creative working spaces were build on floor 7 by the teams with speakers, desktops and extra screens. With hope and motivation the teams started tackling the first programming questions, which were all hard this year.

As a board team we tried to tackle some of the problems too and even succeeded in solving 1 or 2. However the real teams that gathered in Flux were doing much better in the competition. Points were earned on a regular basis and a top 100 position was even in sight for some of the groups.

After 20 hours the need for sleep really started to kick in and some of the teams slowly started to pack their stuff and went home. Some die hards even made the 24 hours and got close to the top 100 of the world. All in all the activity was a great success and we want to thank the contestants and all the proctors in special for their support.

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