Some say that doing something two times is tradition. Well on Monday the 21st of March we organized a lock picking workshop for the second time and we hope we can make this a recurring event for the coming years. The workshop was given by Walter Bergers from Madison Ghurka, who is a world champion in the field of lock picking.

Since lock picking is an interesting subject for students we had more than 20 enthusiastic participants for this workshop. Walter explained that however it is fun, lock picking should only be done on your own locks and preferably on locks that are of no real importance, since there is a small chance of “Locking” the lock where you can’t open it with a key.

The workshop started with general info about locks and keys, and that tiny imperfections in the locks or the pins from the lock cause locks to be pickable. A lock with perfect pins and pinholes would in theory be unpickable.

With enough courage and some tips from Walter the participants started with picking their first cheap locks and with some time and practice the first locks started to open. Even locks with special pins were picked by some participants. At the end of the interesting workshop I think that everyone picked at least one lock successfully.

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