Organizational structure

The Board

The Board is the body of elected people that jointly oversee the activities of IEEE Student Branch Eindhoven. These Board acts on behalf of, and is subordinate to the General Meeting. More information about the current board.


Some of our members are active in one of the committees of SBE, helping the board with the organization of activities. Some of the committees are annual others are one time only. Below is a list of current or recent committees. If you are interested in joining one of them or have a idea to create a new one, please contact the board. View all committees.


The Branch Counselor is a University or College faculty member or instructor, active in IEEE, who serves as an advisor to the Branch and its student officers. As the officers may change annually, and sometimes more often, the Counselor lends a sense of continuity to Branch affairs. Additional, the Branch Counselor acts as a liaison with IEEE Headquarters and should be familiar with all aspects of Branch operations.

The counselor of IEEE Student Branch Eindhoven is M. Mischi.