Sailing Committee (SailCo)

Every year the branch goes on a sailing weekend somewhere in the Netherlands. In this weekend you can get to know all the ins and outs of sailing or just enjoy the fresh breeze of air while enjoying the view, everyone can choose to which degree you want to be a sailor. Besides spending a weekend on boat, this is also a great moment to socialize as the participants are not soley from Eindhoven, but also from Leuven and Antwerpen. If you don't know how to sail, that is no problem, some of the participants started out inexperienced and became experienced sailors over the years.

The sailing committee takes care of the organization of this weekend and decides on the location.

Committee size: 2-4 persons
Duration: ½ year
Time cost: ½-1h a week

Studytour Committee

Since the beginning of the student branch we organize study tours to let our members taste other (business) culture. Some trips are only a couple of days to a country in Europe, others are multiple weeks to more exotic locations. Besides visits to foreign companies and universities, there is also room the experience the local culture. The organisation of such a tour takes a great amount of effort, therefore they are almost always a collaboration with other associations within the department.

As organizer of this tour you get the choose the destination, set up a complete program, acquire funding, guide students around and of course enjoy the trip yourself.

Committee size: 6-8 persons
Duration: 1 year – 1½ year (depending on location and duration of the tour)
Time cost: a few hours in the beginning, requires more time before the tour

Symposium Committee

IEEE is well known for its congresses. A symposium, as we like to call it, is an one day program of lectures, demonstrations, workshops and discussion sessions focused on the same topic. With professional lectures from national and international universities and companies, a symposium is a great way to broaden your view on some of the topics in your study program. Some of the themes of past years are: Neural networks, Displays, Imaging, Automotive, Healthcare and many more.

As the organizing committee you are responsible for organizing the whole event, which means find lectures en demonstrations, acquire all the necessary funding, promotion and subscription

Committee size: 4-6 persons
Duration: 1 year
Time cost: 1h a week